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What is Dolphins Finance?

Dolphins Finance is a new dawn in transparency and honesty in the DeFi Space. Our mission is to provide an investor friendly environment with a wide range of services such as staking, farming and lending/borrowing services. Our services also include Dolphins Finance Forecast, Dolphins Finance Trading, Dolphins Finance Swap (Decentralized Exchange – DEX) and Dolphins Finance LaunchPad.

Building An Investor Friendly Foundation In The DeFi Space

Dolphins Finance Swap and Launchpad, will launch and list good and legitimate projects in the DeFi ecosystem. The projects launched on Dolphins Finance LaunchPad will have their liquidity and dev token locked in a timed release smart contract to prevent exit scams.

These projects will have their tokens audited by an accredited auditing firm to ensure that their tokens are secure. Dolphins Finance will make sure that these projects are backed by a working product.

Dolphins Financd tokens (DOLPH) have no minting mechanisms. A total of 500,000,000 tokens will be generated and audited by an accredited auditing firm. A burning mechanism will be applied to reduce the total supply of tokens to 70%.

Dolphins Finance is building an investor friendly foundation in the DeFi space. Because we are an investor-friendly project Dolphins Finance has set aside 33% of the total Dolph token to reward our investors and community through airdrop, staking and farming!!

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