Legal Disclaimer

Important Legal Disclaimer

A. By participating in Dolphins Finance token sales the investor agrees that he/she is at least 18 years of age.
B. Investor agrees that he/she is not involved in any fraudulent act or any money laundering schemes.
C. Investor agrees that investing in cryptocurrency sales, like other investment opportunities, involves risks and he/she can lose his investment. Therefore, the investor should not invest what he/she can’t afford to lose.
D. He/she is not a citizen or resident of the following countries: USA, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Bolivia, The Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Ghana, Seychelles, Namibia, Zambia, Egypt, American Samoa and any other countries where cryptocurrencies are banned or restricted.
E. Dolphins Finance accepts no responsibility or liability. Each Individual is strongly advised to take independent legal advice in respect of the legality in the jurisdiction of your participation in token sale and purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Dolphins Finance is a new dawn in Transparency, Honesty and Investors Friendly Environment In The DeFI Space ! Dolphins provides Staking and Farming services including Lending/Borrowing services, Dolphins Finance Forecast, Dolphins Finance Trading Platform, DolphinsSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Dolphins Finance Launchpad.
The Dolphins Finance goal is to achieve Transparency, Honesty and Investors Friendly Environment In The DeFI Space.
Dolphins Finance idea was conceived years back by a Technical and Fundamental Cryptocurrency Trader with 16 years experience in online trading. Expert analyst on Bullish Market and a great Strategist. But the Dolphins Finance planning and research started Q1 2021.
Yes, Dolphins Finance Token (DOLPH) will be listed In many exchanges including major exchanges.
Dolphins Finance audited it’s token (DOLPH ) by an auditing firm Blockchain Consilium to ensure the security of its token. Dolphins Finance team members will abide by its strict Honest and Transparency Policy by passing through its own KYC policy.
We are Investors Friendly, so our Investors and our community are our primary concern. Our Investors will benefit immensely through our immense market strategies, despite the huge experience of Dolphins Finance Team Members, Dolphins Finance will employ the service of well know influencer in the industry to enable us to stabilize the value of Dolphins Finance Token (DOLPH) in other to maintain an organic growth. And also our token burning mechanism will reduce DOLPH to 70% circulation. Referral will be available in our services like Dolphins Finance Forecast, Dolphins Trading Platform for the benefit of our community the goal is to turn Dolphins Finance into a crypto hub In the DeFi space.
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